American jetplanes on training mission over Northern Ireland

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American jetplanes on training mission over Northern Ireland NewsLineToday    Gallery Enlarge Image

Deepali Shukla
Date  14 Dec.2013

The low roar of jetplanes could be heard across parts of Ulster yesterday as the American Air Force carried out manoeuvres in the skies above the Province.

Reporters in Carn, Portadown, heard three whooshes as the aircraft passed overhead.

They are understood to be based on the UK mainland, and were training ahead of a mission elsewhere in the world.

The MoD confirmed that they were aware of the presence of the foreign aircraft.

The Department’s Northern Ireland spokesman Ken Johnston said: “It’s just normal fast jet training.

“They’re based in the UK, and Northern Ireland is one of the training areas. From time to time, navigational training takes place across the UK. And today it happens to be Northern Ireland.”

He was unable to say exactly what kind of jet they were. But it is thought they could be F16s - a variety of warplane commonly used by the USA.

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