Freezing weather spreads into eastern US

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Freezing weather spreads into eastern US NewsLineToday    Gallery Enlarge Image

Sanjay Mishra
Date  07/01/2014
 The coldest, most dangerous blast of polar air in decades gripped the US Midwest and pushed toward the East and South and eastern Canada, closing schools and day care centres, grounding flights and forcing people to pull their hoods and scarves tight to protect exposed skin from nearly instant frostbite.

Many across the nation`s midsection went into virtual hibernation, while others dared to venture out in temperatures that plunged well below zero Fahrenheit (minus 18 Celsius).

"I`m going to try to make it two blocks without turning into crying man," said Brooks Grace, who was bundling up to do some banking and shopping in downtown Minneapolis, where temperatures reached 23 below F (-31 C), with wind chills of minus 48 F (minus 45 Celsius). "It`s not cold - it`s painful."

The mercury also dropped into negative territory in Milwaukee, St. Louis and Chicago, which set a record for the date at minus 16 F (minus 27 C). Wind chills across the region were 40 below F (40 below C) and colder. Records also fell in Oklahoma, Texas and Indiana.
Forecasters said some 187 million people in all could feel the effects of the "polar vortex" by the time it spread across the country on Monday night and Tuesda

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