UK could be hit by 150 mph winds as worst storm

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UK could be hit by 150 mph winds NewsLineToday    Gallery Enlarge Image

Manju Shukla
Date  08/02/2014
Britain could be hit by its worst storm in decades after experts warned the country faced winds of ‘up to 150 mph’.

The south is expected to take the brunt of the bad weather, with Devon, Cornwall and London all likely to be effected from today.

Giant 75 foot waves may strike the west coast, which could possibly cause flooding and damage property.

The Met Office has put out a number of amber weather warnings for the weekend and beyond.

Andy Page, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: ‘An Atlantic frontal system will bring a band of rain quickly eastwards during Friday night and early Saturday, with the heaviest rain again likely to be across parts of southern England, followed in turn by heavy showers.’

The rest of the country can expect less severe gales of up to 60mph.

Forecasters added there was going to be a ‘relentless onslaught of wind and rain over the weekend’ and snow could fall over some parts of Wales and Scotland.

The bad weather could last for the rest of the month.

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