Nepal declares state of emergency after killer quake

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Manju Shukla
Date  26/04/2015

A 7.9-magnitude earthquake in Nepal killed more than 1, 400 people, sparking panic in the streets and triggering an avalanche on Mount Everest that buried much of the towering peak`s base camp and killed U.S. Google executive Dan Fredinburg, officials said.

The latest figure includes at least 634 on the densely populated Kathmandu Valley and at least 300 in the capital. Fatalities in China, Bangladesh and Tibet were also reported.

Nepal`s worst earthquake in 80 years demolished scores of buildings, cut electricity and phones and toppled the historic Dharahara Tower. Eighteen climbers were reported dead on Mount Everest, the world`s highest mountain and about 1,000 hikers were estimated to be at the site. An avalanche deluged the base camp and two tents were overflowing with casualties, officials said

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