Thai people mourning king`s death over weekend

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Posted By : NewslineToday Bureau
Date  15/10/2016

NewsLineToday Desk: People in Thailand continue to mourn the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

People dressed in black waited in long queues at the Grand Palace in Bangkok on Saturday to sign a book of condolences.

The body of the king lies in state in the palace. Monks have been praying there since Thursday, when the king died the age of 88.

The Thai government has declared a one-year period or mourning. It is asking the public to refrain from festivities and entertainment for 30 days.

Japanese schools in the capital cancelled all classes on Saturday. Events and concerts for tourists, as well as a scheduled traditional festival, were all called off.

Many people visited apparel shops to buy black clothes.

A sales woman in one shop said it used to sell clothing in yellow, which was the king`s color, but now she feels that the shop must sell black clothes.

Some supermarkets have also decided to suspend sales of alcohol for the time being.

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