Thousands march in protest across America after Donald Trump`s win

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Thousands march in protest across America after Donald Trump`s win NewsLineToday    Gallery Enlarge Image

Posted By : NewslineToday Bureau
Date  10/11/2016

Protesters burned an orange-haired Donald Trump head in effigy, lit bonfires and blocked traffic tonight as anger over the billionaire`s election to the presidency spilled onto the streets of major cities.

From New York to Los Angeles, thousands of people marched, rallied and chanted in around 10 cities against the billionaire president-elect a day after his stunning upset win, some carrying signs with slogans such as "Not our President" and "Love trumps hate."

Most of the rallies across Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, Oregon, California and Seattle were peaceful.

Protesters carrying signs reading "Dump Trump" gathered outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, where the president elect lives.

The NYPD and Secret Service today heavily fortified the tower, installing a wall around its perimeter made from concrete blocks.

Police said they had arrested 15 people, the New York Times reported.

Sydney woman Camilla Hayman, who moved to New York in 2013 to study at New York University, said the crowds showed "positivity in light of how disappointed we are with the results".

"Roads like 5th Avenue and Broadway are in total gridlock. I was planning on living and working in the states for another few years but next year will be really important to gauge how the country deals with the change," she said.

In Washington, several hundred gathered in front of the White House for a candlelight vigil on a damp, chilly evening, criticising what they called Mr Trump`s racism, sexism and xenophobia, and carrying signs reading "We have a voice!" and "Education for all!"

One of the organizers, Ben Wikler, Washington director of the liberal advocacy group, told the crowd that others were coming together in hundreds of communities around the country.

"People are justly frightened," he said. "We are here because in these darkest moments, we are not alone," he added, before leading chants of "We are not alone!"

Protests were also held in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Portland and other cities.

In Oakland, California, protesters lit fires in the street and stood around them chanting, news reports said. Some threw bottles and firecrackers at police,


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