Queen Elizabeth II almost shot at

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Posted By : NewslineToday Bureau
Date  05/01/2017

A late night stroll almost proved fatal for Britain`s Queen Elizabeth II after a guard `nearly shot` her around the palace grounds.

According to reports, a former guard at Buckingham Palace has revealed that he nearly shot the monarch, when she went for a late night walk at around 3am, as she couldn`t sleep.

According to The Times`s diary column, the unnamed soldier thought he had come across an intruder and shouted: `Who`s that?`

To his surprise it was the Queen. `Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you`, he blurted out,` the newspaper reported.

The Queen, who is known to go for a walk when she cannot sleep, reportedly replied: `That`s quite all right. Next time I`ll ring through beforehand so you don`t have to shoot me.`

The Palace has declined to comment, until the filing of this report.

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