UK to Review Handling of Recent Terror Attacks in Country

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Date  22/06/2017
The move comes after two terror incidents hit London just this month. On June 3, three terrorists drove a van across London Bridge, running pedestrians over on its way and consequently leaving eight dead and 48 wounded. A similar attack happened on June 19, when a vehicle crashed into people leaving the Finsbury Park Mosque, injuring 11.

"There will be a review of the handling of recent terror attacks to look where the lessons can be learned about our approach," Rudd said speaking at the House of Commons.

After the Finsbury Park incident, UK Prime Minister Theresa May promised that extra police would be sent to protect mosques until the end of Ramadan, the month-long Muslim fasting period.

The United Kingdom has also faced two other deadly terror attacks in 2017, namely an attack on Westminster Bridge and the Parliament grounds in London in March, and a bombing during a pop concert at Manchester Area in May.

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