Tensions continued to mount in the Middle East

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Tensions continued to mount in the Middle East Pic Courtsey NewsVarta    Gallery Enlarge Image

By S Kumar
Date  6 Dec 2011

Israel - Tensions continued to mount in the Middle East this weekend as Iran, Syria and Israel all seemed to be delivering messages to the world.

Iranian television reported its military shot down one of America's top secret spy drones.

NATO said it might have been a drone patrolling neighboring Afghanistan that went astray.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his own message about Iran at a memorial for Israel's first prime minister.

Netanyahu drew a parallel between David Ben Gurion's decision to declare Israeli statehood despite counsel to the contrary and those currently advising against military action on Iran.

"First and foremost we must learn from his [Ben Gurion's] commitment to Israel's future and his willingness to take the difficult decisions necessary to ensure that future…" Netanyahu said.

"[He] clearly understood there would be a high price for his decision," he added. "But he believed there would be an even heavier price to pay for not making the decision."

"We are all here today because Ben-Gurion made the right decision at the right time…" Netanyahu said.

The Israeli daily Ha'aretz meanwhile reported Iran threatened to cut funding to Hamas rulers in the Gaza Strip if their leadership continues to ditch Hamas headquarters in Damascus. 

The Syrian military test-launched 180-mile range Scud-B missiles toward Iraq on Saturday.

Analysts say the test was meant to warn Western powers against taking military action in Syria.

And last week's Egyptian elections in which Islamists won nearly 65 percent of the vote is something that concerns Israel and the Western world.

"We hope that every person, every man in the Western world should hope with us, that Egypt will not shift to some kind of Islamic tyranny but will preserve democratic values and, of course, the peace with Israel and in the region in general," Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said

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