Israeli airstrike wounds two in Gaza

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By S Kumar
Date  11 Dec 2011

At least one Palestinian man and his 10-year-old daughter have been wounded in an Israeli airstrike in northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The strike hit a house in the al-zayton neighborhood of Gaza City in the early hours of Sunday, Reuters reported.

Ashraf Badwan, who lives next door to the house that was targeted, rushed his daughter Sondos to a local hospital.

Fire-fighters battled to put out the raging fire inside the house.

The overnight attack followed several other Israeli airstrikes in recent days. Three people died and several more were injured in those attacks, including seven children.

The US-backed military forces of the Israeli regime often bomb the severely impoverished Gaza Strip, claiming that the deadly attacks are defensive measures.

However, the Israeli use of disproportionate force, in violation of the international law, has always been carried out against the largely defenseless Palestinian territories, inflicting heavy losses in life and property on the civilian population.

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