Anna reaches Delhi for fast

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By Rajiv
Date  11 Dec 2011

Anna Hazare, Has reached New Delhi for token fast, said the "second fight for independence" has started which will go on till corruption is eradicated.

"So many martyrs lost their lives for our independence, but even today, we cannot experience independence. Who got independent. What independence. Corruption, loot is still here. Only 'goras' (whites) left and 'kalas' (blacks) came in, that is the only difference," Hazare told the media here.

"We are still fighting. Tomorrow, we will fast for one day tomorrow at Jantar Mantar," he added.

Terming the government's version of the bill as weak, Hazare said that it would not help to eradicate corruption from the country.

"We appeal to the people that the Lokpal bill which has been introduced in the parliament by the standing committee is a government bill. Six months before, we had already said that the government bill is weak and the bill cannot root out the corruption from this country and the poor people will not get justice. So, the government bill is not correct and it is weak. We urge them to bring Jan Lokpal bill, this was our demand. After the meetings of the standing committee and joint committee and rest of the meeting which had taken place, finally, the government has brought about their version of the bill," he added.

Team Anna has invited all political parties, including the Congress and the BJP for Hazare's day long fast to be held at Jantar Mantar on Sunday.

The Jan Lokpal Bill is seen as a weapon to root out corruption and nepotism from the government machinery and in public life.

The proposed Bill envisages the setting up of a national anti-corruption watchdog to check financial mismanagement and corrupt practices that have deeply pervaded several democratic and civic institutions of India.

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