Wahhabis behind massacre of Shias in Pakistan

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Manju Shukla
Date  7 May 2012
An extremist Wahhabi group, backed by such countries as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, is behind the atrocious massacre of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, a political analyst says.

“All these massacres are being legitimated and orchestrated by a Wahhabi group known as Sepah Sahabeh who emerged in 1985 in the Punjab province of Pakistan as a reaction to the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the burgeoning Shia Muslims who had gradually entered the political and economical positions in the Pakistani government,” wrote Ismail Salami, a prolific author and Middle East expert, in an article published on Press TV’s website on Tuesday.

Recounting the grim atrocities perpetrated against Pakistani Shias, he noted, “Only in April 2012, more than 250 Shia Muslims were maimed and killed in broad daylight.”

The author of Human Rights in Islam further explained that the Pakistani militant group, known as Tahrik-e Taliban (TTP), “is an offshoot of the terrorist group.”

TTP militants and associated groups have been able to spread their influence in various regions of the country and have killed thousands of people.

Salami went on to say that Sepah Sahabeh terrorists are backed by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and, directly or indirectly, by such foreign states as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, “which promote Wahhabism and conduce to extremism by importing only non-Shia workers from Pakistan.”

As an example of the countries’ promotion of extremism, he pointed to the Bahraini regime’s reported employment of “retired Pakistani army officers to suppress the popular uprising” in Bahrain. “This is indeed an indirect act of promoting extremism within the Pakistani society.”

The Iranian political analyst criticized the current leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), which once protected the minorities, including the Shia Muslims in Pakistan, for having been “recently plagued by indifference” to the blood-curdling atrocities committed by Wahhabi extremists.

“The current PPP rulers seem to have shut their eyes to the woes of the minorities especially Shia Muslims who have contributed tremendously to the economic and social progress of the country,” he said.

Warning about the consequences of such deadly acts of violence, he pointed out, “These killings have provoked the ire of Sunni Muslims all across the country who believe atrocities of this nature gravely shake the very pillars of Pakistan, disrupt national unity, strengthen the enemies and drag the country into abysmal extremism beyond salvation.”

The expert finally stressed that Islamabad needed to take systematic action against those quarters that supported the Wahhabi terrorists.

“If the Pakistani establishment is really intent on stopping the spread of extremism in the country, they should cut off the invisible hands which buttress these extremist groups within the civilian government, military, intelligence services and the judiciary system.”

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