Over 5000 Pakistanis stage fresh demo

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Over 5000 Pakistanis stage fresh demo NewsLineToday    Gallery Enlarge Image

Manju Shukla
Date  01 Oct.2012

Over 5000 Pakistanis  staged a fresh demonstration to protest a US-made anti-Islam movie and French cartoons that insult the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

On Sunday, more than 5,000 people rallied in the southern Pakistan port city of Karachi to condemn insult to Islamic values.

"We demand all French and US diplomatic missions shut in Pakistan …We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the honor of Prophet Mohammed ,” protesters shouted during the rally.

They also carried banners that read “Beheading is the only one punishment for blasphemy.''

Earlier on Saturday, tens of thousands of Pakistani protesters turned out in Karachi condemning the United States’ government for refusing to ban the sacrilegious movie in defiance of demands by Muslim nations.

The protestors said the West’s so-called freedom of expression should not be used as a pretext to promote hatred against any religion. They also called on the United Nations to introduce a new law which punishes those who insult religions.

Outrage has grown globally over a US-made movie that insults Prophet Mohammad  followed by sacrilegious cartoons published by a French magazine.

Muslims in Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kashmir, Pakistan, India, Iraq, Gaza, Morocco, Syria, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, Britain, the United States, France, Belgium, and some other countries have held many demonstrations to condemn the blasphemous film.

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