Nato Training to Continue Beyond 2014 Despite Insider Attacks

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Nato Training to Continue Beyond 2014 Despite Insider Attacks NewsLineToday    Gallery Enlarge Image

Shrikant Mishra
Date  02 Oct.2012

Nato's chief said  that partner countries were still committed to training Afghan forces beyond 2014 in spite of growing concerns over the increase of "insider attacks" on Nato forces.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen has acknowledged that the deadly attacks of Afghan security troops on the Nato-led soldiers have harmed relations with their foreign mentors, but said in the monthly briefing in Brussels that six Nato partner countries have shown readiness to be part of the Afghan forces training mission after 2014.
"Six countries, six partners have so far announced that they are prepared to contribute to a training mission after 2014," Rasmussen said.
He did not provide figures on how many Nato military personnel will remain deployed nor the budget of the future mission. This is expected to be discussed in a meeting of Nato Defense Ministers in Brussels on October 9 and 10.
Rasmussen said at the briefing that Nato had resumed full partnered operations with the Afghan forces after a hiatus from some joint operations last month following the spike in insider attacks during August.
"I have taken note of the fact that it has now been decided to resume such joint operations, and partners, almost all partnered activities have been resumed and that reflects an assessment made by our commanders as regards the overall security situation," Rasmussen said.
His comments were made the same day UK newspaper The Guardian published an interview with him where he stressed the impact of the insider attacks.
"There's no doubt insider attacks have undermined trust and confidence, absolutely," he told The Guardian.
Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi on Tuesday said in a Kabul press briefing that the government was cooperating with ways to prevent such attacks.
"We are working on a joint mechanism [to stop the insider attacks] and hope this solves the issue," he said in Kabul. "These attacks have concerned both us and the world. As the enemy has lost its fighting moral, they are trying to infiltrate within the Afghan security ranks. But we will resist them."
US Defense Minister Leon Pannetta called Mohammadi Monday for the first time since his appointment as Minister last month and discussed the insider attacks, among other things.
US network CBS news aired an interview with top US and Nato commander in Afghanistan Gen. John Allen on Sunday where he described the attacks as the "signature" of the US-led Afghan war, saying he was "mad as hell" about them.

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